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Don’t treat Shatta Wale like a criminal- Stonebwoy’s cheerleader, Ayisha Modi speaks


Although we are yet to hear anything official from the social media handles of Stonebwoy since Shatta Wale was arrested, his number one cheerleader Ayisha Modi has shared her sentiment about the foregoing case.

The popular Ghanaian socialite and music executive said Ghana is plagued with a lot of issues yet the police found time to indulge in trivialities. She vehemently asked for the immediate release of Wale saying he is not a criminal to be remanded in prison for another week over his ongoing trial following his fake gun attack.

She further reminded the Ghana Police Service that the killers of Ahmed Suale, Fennec Okyere, and JB Danquah have still not been found, yet the police are overly fixated with an issue of no relevance.

She also lamented that the likes of Nana Agradaa, now known as Evg. Mama Pat has consistently duped people and sent thugs to beat them up but when she was arrested, she was not treated the way Shatta Wale who is one of the most influential personalities in Ghana is being treated.

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Read her full post below:

“This hypocrisy should stop, we live in a country where people are murdered and the killers will be walking freely, how far with Ahmed sule killers??

Have we found kwaw kese manager fennec Okyere’s killer and that of JB Danquah?? They don’t even talk about it because of their corrupted minds. Nana Agradaa was duping people and sending thugs to Beat them but she wasn’t treated like this when arrested. Ghana leaders should rise and focus on serious issues that need instant judgments.

Even if what shatta wale did was wrong he is not supposed to be treated like a criminal. They should arrest Government officials who collect bribes and those ministers who use Tax payers money to build houses and travel their girlfriends to Dubai just to have a body surgery. This is a shame and embarrassing, At first i wasn’t happy with Twene Jonas when he insult the leaders but I now support it. Let’s call a spade a spade. We should change our mindsets and stand for the truth Always.

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New IGP Ayekoo for doing your work but if you are ready to work we have serious crimes committed and the culprits are walking freely get those people. Posted by Ayisha Modi Shatta wale has done alot for Ghana we should praise him rather that painting a bad image of him. Free the innocent soul let him continue his music. Selective arrest boi.”

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