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Bride flees from her wedding after finding out her groom slept with her best friend


One of the happiest moments in every woman’s life is her wedding day but what will you do it you find out your husband to be has not been faithful to you?

This is what has caused a huge drama at Area 2, Garki in Abuja, Nigeria when a bride looking stunning on her wedding day found her groom has not been faithful.

The sad part of all this is that, the groom slept with his bride’s best friend who happens to be her bridesmaid.

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The angry and distraught lady was on her way to the wedding venue in her white gown when she heard the deadly news.

So when she got to the wedding venue, Ghpage sources say she called of the wedding and fled the church.

The groom who was equally shocked by the turn of events together with the families of both the bride and groom tried to calm her down.

They begged and did all they could but the lady was determined she won’t go through with the wedding and left the venue.

Video from the venue has since gone viral all over social media as netizens react massively to the news

Watch the video below

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